Rental firearms

At the Range at Lake Norman, we offer the largest selection of rental firearms in the area.  Our rental selection is growing daily and we will keep this page updated as new rentals become available.  All rentals are $6 per rental, or you can rent as many as you want for a flat fee of $19.00. Desert Eagle and Smith & Wesson 500 are priced per round of ammunition, no rental fee.  If you are looking to purchase a firearm, talk to one of our associates about our try before you buy program, and the firearms consultation program, to ensure you are purchasing the right firearm for your needs.

HKUSP45 acp
KimberPro Carry HD 245 acp
Smith and WessonPC191145 acp
Springfield ArmoryXDS45 acp
Smith and WessonShield 2.045 acp
Kimber Tactical Custom 245 acp
Springfield Armory191145 acp
Springfield ArmoryXD MOD 245 acp
Springfield ArmoryXD 45 Tactical45 acp
Glock30s45 acp
Kimber Pro Raptor 245 acp
Glock2145 acp
Remington1911R1s45 acp
Sig SauerP22045 acp
Glock32357 sig
Sig SauerP22940 SW
Smith and WessonMP 4545 acp
Sig SauerP238380 acp
Smith and WessonBodygaurd380 acp
Glock42380 acp
Beretta96A140 SW
Springfield ArmoryXD 4.540 SW
Springfield ArmoryEMP40 SW
Smith and WessonMP 4040 SW
Smith and WessonMP 40 VTAC40 SW
Glock2340 SW
Smith and WessonLadysmith357 mag
Smith and WessonGovernor.410/45LC
Smith and WessonR8 357 mag
Smith and WessonBodygaurd38 spcl
Taurus8538 spcl
Smith and WessonAirweight38 spcl
Smith and Wesson686-6357 mag
Smith and Wesson36-1038 spcl
Smith and Wesson64-838 spcl
Smith and WessonModel 500500 SW
Magnum Research Desert Eagle50 AE
Honor DefenseHonor Guard9mm
Smith and WessonMP Shield 9mm
Walther PPQ9mm
Smith and WessonMP Shield Pro9mm
Springfield ArmoryEMP9mm
Smith and WessonMP Shield 9mm
Smith and WessonMP 9 Pro Series9mm
Springfield ArmoryXD-9 Mod 29mm
Springfield ArmoryXDs 4.09mm
Springfield ArmoryXD-9 SC9mm
Sig SauerP9389mm
Smith and WessonMP 99mm
Walther PPS9mm
Smith and WessonMP 9 2.09mm
Smith and WessonMP 9c9mm
Taurus PT929mm
Rock IslandM19119mm
Smith and WessonMP Shield Pro9mm
Sig SauerM11-A19mm
Angstadt ArmsAA-09409mm
Smith and WessonMP shield w/ laser9mm
Smith and WessonSD9VE9mm
KimberPro Carry 29mm
Smith and WessonMP 9 2.09mm
Sig SauerSP20229mm
Springfield ArmoryXDs-99mm
Smith and WessonMP 9 VTAC9mm
Glock17 ZEV9mm
Springfield ArmoryXDM 5.259mm
Sig SauerP2269mm
KimberUltra Aegis 29mm
Walther CCP9mm
Walther PPS9mm
Sig SauerP2399mm
Sig SauerP3209mm
Springfield ArmoryEMP 4 9mm
Springfield ArmoryXde9mm
CZU75 SP-019mm
Rock IslandTCMTCM9R
BrowningBuckmark22 LR
BerettaNeos22 LR
CZU75 Kadet22 LR
Taurusnine-4122 Magnum
Smith and WessonMP 22 compact22 LR
Smith and Wesson22 Victory22LR
Smith and Wesson22 Victory22 LR
Smith and Wesson617-622 LR
Smith and Wesson48-722 Magnum
Ruger MK III Target22 LR
Mossberg50012 ga
RemingtonVersamax12 ga
KeltecKSG12 ga
KrissVector45 acp
Keltec Sub 200040 SW
Smith and WessonMP Sport 25.56 Nato
Cobalt KineticsB.A.M.F5.56 Nato
WASR AK-477.62x39
Smith and WessonMP 15-2222 LR
Smith and WessonMP 15-2222 LR
FNH SCAR5.56 Nato
Smith and WessonMP Sport 25.56 Nato
DiamondbackDB-155.56 Nato
CSC Arms CSC-15300 Blk
KeltecSub 20009mm
GlockGen 5 G199mm

All rental firearms are under manufacturers warranty, and the warranty and contract we agree to with the manufacturer requires the use of new ammunition in the rental guns to keep from voiding the warranty.  All rental guns are required to use new ammunition purchased at the time of the rental from The Range at Lake Norman.

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